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Wednesday, 25 June 2008 09:23

wipes.gifA recent study has been causing quite a stir lately regarding the use of antibacterial wipes used to clean hospital surfaces. It appears the facts are being misinterpreted to suggest that wipes spread the deadly MRSA bacteria rather than eliminate it.

Many folks have taken the up the torch latelyagainst antibacterial products as contributing to the increase in occurrence of superbugs. Those with that bias have taken a very good study performed by British researchers and have distorted it for their own reasons.


Let's examinesome headlines that have appeared on afew supposedly impartial media sites:

Germicidal Wipes Can Spread Bacteria
Antibacterial Wipes Spread Drug Resistant Bacteria in Hospitals
Hospital wipes may spread bacteria rather than kill them

By reading these headlines, you may immediately interpret the findings to indicate that these wipes are bad and the source of all the hospital infections in the world. OK, maybe that is a bit extreme, but you get the idea. Guess what, if you took that outlook you would mistaken.

Instead, if you were provided with an accurate view of the study, your impression would be much different. In a nutshell, the study demonstrated that IMPROPERLY and OVERUSED wipes spread bacteria rather than kill them. Really? That is entirely different and of course any person trying to wipe a glass of milk off the floor with a single paper towel would tell you the same thing.

First, it doesn't matter if the wipe is antibacterial or not, if you try to cut corners or save money by using the same wipe over an entire hospital room it will be ineffective. Instead, if you use the wipes as directed, they will work. Seems like common sense.

If you want to learn more about the study and read an unbiased article on wipes, click here:

Improperly used disinfectant wipes spread bacteria in hospitals

In today's hospital settings, many of which are not adhering to appropriate infection control practices, it's only common sense to remain GermAware.


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written by mod , June 25, 2008
hello very nice bolg . you can find more health related tips at
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written by Samsara , June 28, 2008
First. Thank you for EC dropping on me @ Living within Samsara. It's nice to learn about your site. I want to share my experiences of ignorance about germs. It may save someone's life.

Back in 2005 I thought that because I hardly ever [unless it's forced into me] eat meat, that I was safe from bacteria in the kitchen. So when I almost died and the doctors did not know what was wrong with me but for so many symptoms like UTI, kidney inflammation, PID, back pain, fevers of 104* - and never in my life having these symptoms...after tests for HIV and everything else under the sun my doctor gave me every medicine she could think of to just stop the symptoms that seemed to never go away.

Test results would later confirm E. Coli. Turns out I had been on a spinach salad kick [yes the same spinach that had been recalled that year].

Although I could hardly have prevented that, it made me ever more mindful of keeping my kitchen area clean with a simple solution of bleach and water in a spray bottle. I am also not OCD about it, but I do wash my hands with an antibacterial soap - in the kitchen - and especially when handling different types of food. [If I go from meat to vegetables for example or even vice versa - DUE to my E. Coli cloase call!]

Thanks for letting me share!
EC Dropping by,
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written by GermAware , June 30, 2008
Samsara, appreciate the candid, insightful comments. You are just practicing basic common sense on handling food in the kitchen. As you mentioned, even with the best precautions some outbreaks cannot be prevented on a personal level. It seems even more common today that E. coli food-related illnesses are occurring. As you astutely pointed out, vegetables as well as meat can be subject to E. coli infestation.

Glad they finally figured it out and you are feeling better. Don't ever be self conscious about being germaware, you experienced the very real results of these types of infections.
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