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Friday, 09 May 2008 10:41

Gwyneth PaltrowThe recently released movie, Iron Man (click here for trailer), stars one of our favorite GermAware actors, Gwyneth Paltrow.  With the birth of her daughter Apple in May 2004, Gwyneth has been quiet lately on the movie front and her return to the silver screen is most welcome. As with many new mothers, Gwyneth was reported in the media as having heightened her concerns about germs.

The media, unfairly, quickly dubbed her a germaphobe and presented her actions with their usual biased, hyped-up perspective.  Reporters are hasty to label people with their desire to be "first" with the story or improve their publication rates.  Certainly it is easy to forget that celebrities like Gwyneth are human.  She loves her family and wants to see them safe, healthy and happy.

Gwyneth by many accounts is considered a very grounded, generous individual.  She recently donated $75,000 to the New York Food Bank charity.  Professionally she also has her priorities straight and was quoted in the Toronto Star as saying:


I think it was a great blessing to win the Oscar so young, because it lets you see that it is an illusion.  It's a wonderful feeling and an amazing honour but it's not something that on a daily basis makes your life better. 

Since she can't fly around in a titanium suit like the hero in Iron Man, Gwyneth takes precautions to protect her family and home.  When her actions are viewed in the appropriate light, they are more than reasonable including being GermAware in public restrooms.  Anything taken to its extreme is unhealthy, however with the increase in cases of MRSA and C-Diff on the rise, remaining vigilant and practicing basic hygiene is a necessity.

GermAware wishes Gwyneth much success with her recent film endeavors.

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Last Updated on Saturday, 10 May 2008 20:13